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           Michigan OT/OTA Program Information

           Voice-over Introduction to Michigan OT Programs
Michigan OT Programs Contact List

Session Powerpoint Presentations

Administrative Updates

Formstack/New FWPE

Doctoral Capstone Nuts and Bolts
Fieldwork Educator Nuts & Bolts
             -See Make and Take Resources Below
Transitioning the Virtual Student to the Clinic

Compassionate Conversations

Collaborative Models

Mindfulness for Fieldwork Educators
-Mindfulness and Stress Management Resource

Administrative Update - Supplemental Materials
AOTA Medicare Supervision Guidelines
2018 ACOTE Standards

Make & Take Resources: Fieldwork Manual
Advanced Student 2016
Anecdotal Record-Student Behavior
AOTA HIPAA FW Student Guidelines
AOTA Steps to Starting a Fieldwork Program
Baker Sample Learning Contract
Cincinnati State Tech and CC Patient Observation Assignment
Cincinnati State Tech and CC Learning Contract
Clinical Education Midterm Survey
Clinical Teaching Tools 2016
Critical Incident Report
Henry Ford Goals - Objectives for Clinical Rotation
Medicare Requirements - Student Supervision
Multi-Disciplinary Teaching 2016
Oak Tree Week By Week Expectations
Orientation Checklist OPD
Orientation Checklist IPD
OT Observation Worksheet
OT Diagnosis Worksheet
Practice Advisory Services provided by students in FW Level II
Problem Student
Recommended Content FW Manual
Red Flag List
Sample Learning Contract
Sample Learning Contract 2
Student Clinical Education Checklist
Sample Learning Contract
Weekly Summary Form

Make & Take Resources: Site Specific Objectives
Incorporating Site Specific Objectives Into Level II Student Evaluations
Sample Adult Acute Care. OT
Sample Adult Acute Care. OTA
Sample Adult Outpatient OT
Sample Adult Outpatient. OTA
Sample ECI. OT
Sample IPR. OT
Sample IPR. OTA
Sample Mental Health. OT
Sample Mental Health. OTA
Sample Pediatric. OT
Sample Physical Disabilities. OT
Sample School-based. OT
Sample School-based. OTA
Sample Subacute. Geriatric setting. OT
Sample Subacute. OTA
Site Specific Objectives. Resources
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