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Opportunities for Occupational Therapy Practitioners to Support and Participate in Research

NIDILRR-Funded survey of occupational therapy practitioners

 Occupational therapy practitioners who work with adults with physical or vision disabilities
Research Subject: Practice patterns and needs around occupational therapy assessment and intervention with parents and caregivers with physical and vision disabilities

Through the Looking Glass is conducting a NIDILRR-funded national survey of occupational therapists as part of a larger Field-Initiated Project to 1. improve online resources and other educational materials for OTPs and other professionals and 2. to enhance our web-based resources on services and equipment to support parenting. The survey is anonymous and should take between 10 and 15 minutes. Any OTP who has provided assessment or intervention services to adults with physical or vision disabilities is eligible to participate. You do not need to have provided services to a parent or caregiver or to have provided services focused on child-caregiving tasks to participate. Please forward this to anyone in your network who might be interested in participating. Thank you for your support!

You can take the survey at: 

Updated 3/9/2023