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Mental Health SIS

The Mental Health Special Interest Section (SIS) of the Michigan Occupational Therapy Association seeks to share information and resources, advocate for the continued presence of OT in mental health, identify gaps in the literature, and support research endeavors as well as the dissemination of such. Priorities of this SIS include promoting evidence-based practice as well as the identification / pursuit of legislative revisions to increase OT's role in mental health.
Next Meeting: 
Monday, May 20 · 6:00 – 7:00pm
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This meeting will include a brief SIS introduction, a review of our goals, and plans moving forward.
Special guest speaker to include Dr. Michelle Suarez, speaking on the topic of The Relationship Between Polyvagal Theory and Sensory Processing: Creating a Path to Resilience.

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Mental Health SIS Meeting
Monday, May 20 · 6:00 – 7:00pm
Time zone: America/Detroit
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Video call link: https://meet.google.com/ahw-ozky-tgw
Or dial: ‪(US) +1 281-810-9237‬ PIN: ‪422 335 113‬#
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Please Email: Shelby Nelson (shelbyotrl@gmail.com) and/or Susan Frisbie-Yu (susan.a.frisbie@wmich.edu) with questions
The MH SIS seeks to...
-Provide information
-Share resources
-Promote networking / professional collaboration
-Collectively identify barriers to MH OT and work to address / remove them
-Advocate for MH OT including but not limited to impacting relevant legislation
-Support therapists in this area of practice
-Offer educational / professional development opportunities
-Disseminate and discuss EBP as well as emerging practice
-Identify gaps in the literature and support research endeavors
-Develop a resource library for MIOTA MH OT practitioners.
-Establish monthly mentorship meetings for new or recently graduated OTs in mental health.
Lobbying / Legislative endeavors
Stay tuned for lobbying/legislative endeavors

Mental Health SIS Contact: Shelby Nelson
Shelby Nelson, MSOT, OTRL has worked as an occupational therapist for the past 6 years. She has experience providing occupational therapy services in mental / behavioral health, corrections, and skilled nursing settings. In her career to date, she has worked primarily with forensic mental health populations in admissions, acute, and long-term care capacities. Her passions include community reintegration, recidivism and relapse prevention, program development, evidence-based practice, and advocacy. In her current role, she has made significant contributions to vocational therapy, horticulture therapy, life skills, and therapeutic activity programs. She is particularly passionate about improving health parity and access through provision of physical rehabilitation services to underserved behavioral health populations. She has presented at the national AOTA conference (2017) as well as the Center for Forensic Psychiatry (2022), and seeks to contribute to the body of research to optimize outcomes for mental / behavioral health populations. Through involvement in this SIS, she hopes to make herself useful in continued advocacy projects aimed at emphasizing the value of occupational therapy in mental / behavioral health settings while sharing resources, supporting colleagues with similar passions, and continuing to grow into the best therapist she can be.