Michigan Occupational Therapy Association

Advocacy Action

MiOTA encourages and facilitates everyday advocacy. Your voice makes a difference for professional understanding, consumer practice, and legislative action.


  • Actions that support, promote, & increase awareness of something 
  •  An ongoing process to protect your scope of practice
  • Increases access and utilization of resources
  • Fosters networking among consumers and professionals


  • Identifies a concern/ gap impacting consumers 
  • Creates proposed policy changes to address a gap or change in public policies
  • Advocacy activity supporting legislative actions before, during, and after policy changes to increase awareness and understanding.


  • Monthly meetings
  • Collaborate with other professionals
  • Network with legislators
  • Connect with other OT's/OTA's/students


  • Advocacy committee members
  • Medicaid liaison
  • Lobby Day Planning Committee
  • Bylaws committee


Advocacy Committee

Denise Hoffman - Advocacy Director 

Amber Midena - Advcacy Committee Member; Lobby Day Committee

Claudette Reid - Advocacy Committee Member; Chair of Friends OT in MI PAC

Cara Massenlink - Advocacy Committee Member; Co BSCBS Liaison

Lisa Johnson: Advocacy Committee Member; Public Policy Coordinator

Paige Natke - Advocacy Committee Member; Member At Large

Erin Erickson - Advocacy Committee Member; Lobby Day Committee

Samantha Fitzsimmons: Advocacy Committee Member; Co - BCBS Liaison

Kristen Matthews: Reimbursement Liaison

**Medicaid Liaison - VACANT**

Bret Marr - MiOTA Lobbyist

**Always open to new members, you voice matters, join a committee today.**


Tri - Alliance Committee

This is a group of therapists from speech, occupational & physical therapy that meet quarterly to discuss issues, inform each other, collaborate on advocacy issues impacting the state of Michigan. 

                            MiOTA Trialliance Representatives: Denise Justice, Denise Hoffman. Cara Messenlink                   


Advocacy Committee: A group of MiOTA members (OT, OTA, and students) that meet once a month to discuss the advocacy and legislative needs of Michigan. Topics selected to address are from AOTA, our lobbyist, and OT/OTA/students input and reports. The topics are divided among committee members to lead work groups, create action plan, and share with MiOTA members.

  Public Policy: Manages legislation activity, gathers information to support advocacy needs before during and after legislative activity.  Collaborates and reports to the Advocacy Director and advocacy committee. 

   Reimbursement : This subcommittee reviews current reimbursement issues, manages inquiries from OT/OTA‘s and maintains communication with insurance providers. It reports on any Medicare and Medicaid changes/updates. MiOTA has a designated member who is our BCBS liaison due to the vast number of needs in the state with that provider.

   Friends of OT in MI PAC: This is a voluntary, nonprofit, nonpartisan Political Action Committee of members from the Michigan Occupational Therapy Association to support OT friendly candidates in legislative affairs. 

Denise Hoffman - Advocacy Director (advocacy@miota.org)