Michigan Occupational Therapy Association

Year in Review: Advocacy Hot Topics


1. JOIN MIOTA AND AOTA: gain access to resources, network with others, and keep up to date on best practice

2. WRITE TO YOUR FEDERAL AND STATE REPRESENTATIVES: your voice does make a difference

3. INVITE YOUR LOCAL REPRESENTATIVE TO YOUR PRACTICE SETTING: Invite a representative to your school or place of employment for discussion on advocacy and current topics

4. PRESENT: Advocate for OT through presentations and participation at community events, employment job fairs, options are endless

5. SOCIAL MEDIA: Post a link advocating for OT or repost a link... we know this is the fastest way of communication in today's society

6. SUPPORT THE PAC: AOTA and MiOTA both have a Political Action Committee which financially supports candidates who support OT

7. SUPPORT OTHER ORGANIZATIONS and CAUSES: Other associations, communities of practice, practice areas, and/or support groups 

AOTA Promoting OT

Promoting OT



Email your advocacy events, highlights, and activities to advocacy@miota.org so your advocacy can be shared to increase opportunities of greater awareness. 

    Snowflake Christmas Snow - Free vector graphic on Pixabay  JANUARY: ACTION  > create a health prevention & promotion program/ class/ event

    FEBRUARY: ACTION > schedule time to attend Lansing Lobby Day and advocate with your colleagues! 

  • Lansing Lobby Day preparation webinar: Thursday, February 2, 2023; 7-8 pm EST. 
  • Contact your representatives and discuss the meaning of the Compact Bill: Legislator Compact Talking Points

  MARCH: ACTION > Advocate for Reading Month & Disability Awareness Month

  • Reading: Create a community event to support literacy and reading, here are a few ideas... create your own or implement these advocacy action events: Reading at the Laundromat (raise funds and partner with Lakeshore and Scholastics to bring books to the laundromat - a community site for opportunities of engagement): Lakeshore and Scholastics Laundromat Reading Opportunities
  • Diverse Abilities: Advocate for abilities and highlight areas of engagement in your practice setting and community: Resources for reference - Diverse - Abilities Resources


  • Open House: host an open house at your university or practice setting  - invite community members, potential stakeholders, consumers, grant supporters, etc... and advocate for the profession of OT
  • Volunteer: as a group, university, SOTA, department, organization... volunteer for a day in April... wear OT shirt and increase awareness of OT with that volunteer setting
  • Multi topic Advocating: Support OT - AUTISM Awareness Month AND OT -Parkinson's Awareness Month

   MAY: ACTION > SUPPORT National Gardening Month; Pediatric Feeding Disorder Month; Arthritis Awareness Month, Stroke Awareness month; Better Hearing and Speech Month & Mental Health Awareness Month

  • Arthritis Advocacy: Provide community prevention management event: Arthritis and Gardening Tips
  • Mental Health: Sponsor Mental Health First Aid class for the community, your department, your students: First Aid Class Resources
  • Pediatric Feeding Disorder (PFD): advocate for awareness of new PFD ICD-10 coding with your pediatric providers and families: PFD Coding Toolbox

   JUNE: ACTION - Celebrate Dysphgia Awareness Month Celebrate DEIB & Pride Month

  • Dysphagia:
    • Organize a one day event to educate seniors about aging and the impact on eating and nutrition
    • Create an awareness presentation with local providers to increase their knowledge of the role of OT with Dysphagia: OT Role in Dysphgia Management
  • PRIDE Awareness: Advocate for community, organization and university programming and education
    • Join Coalition of Occupational Therapy Advocates for Diversity COTAD and attend book club event (community of practice space for awareness, discussion, education, change): Events Registration and Schedule: COTAD Book Club