Michigan Occupational Therapy Association

Year in Review: Advocacy Hot Topics


1. JOIN MIOTA AND AOTA: gain access to resources, network with others, and keep up to date on best practice

2. WRITE TO YOUR FEDERAL AND STATE REPRESENTATIVES: your voice does make a difference

3. INVITE YOUR LOCAL REPRESENTATIVE TO YOUR PRACTICE SETTING: Invite a representative to your school or place of employment for discussion on advocacy and current topics

4. PRESENT: Advocate for OT through presentations and participation at community events, employment job fairs, options are endless

5. SOCIAL MEDIA: Post a link advocating for OT or repost a link... we know this is the fastest way of communication in today's society

6. SUPPORT THE PAC: AOTA and MiOTA both have a Political Action Committee which financially supports candidates who support OT

7. SUPPORT OTHER ORGANIZATIONS and CAUSES: Other associations, communities of practice, practice areas, and/or support groups 

AOTA Promoting OT

Promoting OT



Email your advocacy events, highlights, and activities to advocacy@miota.org so your advocacy can be shared to increase opportunities of greater awareness. 

    Snowflake Christmas Snow - Free vector graphic on Pixabay  JANUARY: ACTION  > create a health prevention & promotion program/ class/ event

    FEBRUARY: ACTION > schedule time to attend Lansing Lobby Day and advocate with your colleagues! 

  • Lansing Lobby Day preparation webinar: Thursday, February 2, 2023; 7-8 pm EST. 
  • Contact your representatives and discuss the meaning of the Compact Bill: Legislator Compact Talking Points

  MARCH: ACTION > Advocate for Reading Month & Disability Awareness Month

  • Reading: Create a community event to support literacy and reading, here are a few ideas... create your own or implement these advocacy action events: Reading at the Laundromat (raise funds and partner with Lakeshore and Scholastics to bring books to the laundromat - a community site for opportunities of engagement): Lakeshore and Scholastics Laundromat Reading Opportunities
  • Diverse Abilities: Advocate for abilities and highlight areas of engagement in your practice setting and community: Resources for reference - Diverse - Abilities Resources


  • Open House: host an open house at your university or practice setting  - invite community members, potential stakeholders, consumers, grant supporters, etc... and advocate for the profession of OT
  • Volunteer: as a group, university, SOTA, department, organization... volunteer for a day in April... wear OT shirt and increase awareness of OT with that volunteer setting
  • Multi topic Advocating: Support OT - AUTISM Awareness Month AND OT -Parkinson's Awareness Month

   MAY: ACTION > SUPPORT National Gardening Month; Pediatric Feeding Disorder Month; Arthritis Awareness Month, Stroke Awareness month; Better Hearing and Speech Month & Mental Health Awareness Month

  • Arthritis Advocacy: Provide community prevention management event: Arthritis and Gardening Tips
  • Mental Health: Sponsor Mental Health First Aid class for the community, your department, your students: First Aid Class Resources
  • Pediatric Feeding Disorder (PFD): advocate for awareness of new PFD ICD-10 coding with your pediatric providers and families: PFD Coding Toolbox

   JUNE: ACTION - Celebrate Dysphgia Awareness Month Celebrate DEIB & Pride Month

  • Dysphagia:
    • Organize a one day event to educate seniors about aging and the impact on eating and nutrition
    • Create an awareness presentation with local providers to increase their knowledge of the role of OT with Dysphagia: OT Role in Dysphgia Management
  • PRIDE Awareness: Advocate for community, organization and university programming and education
    • Join Coalition of Occupational Therapy Advocates for Diversity COTAD and attend book club event (community of practice space for awareness, discussion, education, change): Events Registration and Schedule: COTAD Book Club


  • Juvenile Arthritis Awareness Month: Check out the updated research and advocacy action information. Open the following link to help spread the word and update your co workers:  Juvenile Arthritis Awareness Information.
  • Minority Mental Health Awareness Month: Check out the e - learning,  webinars, and guide to better understanding and action for minority mental health. Consider watching these resources as a department, with your students, and sharing with other interprofessional team members to join together. Click her to access the downloadable information: Minority Mental Health Resources
  • Cleft Palate and Craniofacial Awareness Month: About 7000 babies are born with cleft lip and/or palate each year. Check out your community for a cleft palate clinic and resources to support families and children. Michigan offers numerous multidisciplinary cleft palate clinics throughout the state to support families and children, inquire with your local pediatrician today and connect with a clinic.   American Cleft Palate Craniofacial Association
  • World Brain Day: July 22 is internationally recognized to advocate and educate others on this condition. Check out these resources and highlight the involvement of OT in the journey of those impacted by a brain condition: World Federation of Neurology



  • National Falls Prevention: National Falls Prevention Awareness Week: September 8-15: Check out the facts, resources, and ways to advocate year round. CDC Falls Prevention Information
  • National Suicide Prevention Month: The mental health crisis is overwhelming  for providers in medical, community, and educational settings.  Suicide Prevention ResourcesConsider completing mental health first aid as an individual or as a group to empower and equip you with resources to help mange this crisis. First Aid


  • AOTA PAC Day of Giving: October 18,2023 is a day of giving to the AOTA Political Action Committee. This is an amazing committee to distribute funds to political representatives who support occupational therapy and consumers rights, safety, and access to care. Day of giving
  • World OT Day: October 27th is a time to celebrate and recognize occupational therapy around the world. Check out this link to connect, network, and join others to increase awareness of OT: World OT Day
  • Sensory Processing Awareness Month:  Sensory processing impacts 1/5 individuals across the life span. Educate parents, teachers, and other health care professions this month to increase understanding of this "hidden" disorder. Sensory Awareness Month
  • National Disability Employment Awareness Month: As OT/OTA's, we are instrumental in educating, teaching, and preparing individuals with disabilities and employers to increase employment opportunities for all individuals. Employment Resources