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State Legislation - Compact Bill

  HB 4169 and HB 4170 

Interstate Occupational Therapy Compact


  • It will decrease gaps for those who move and need to obtain a new state license in a timely manner for military families or other families who move between states frequently (currently these families are waiting 6 months or longer causing hardship and inequities)
  • It will address shortages in rural areas and specialty practice areas for out of state practitioners to meet the needs of shoartages(i.e. lymphedema, hand therapy, feeding therapy, etc...)
  • It will allow occupational therapy practitioners to practice in all states that have joined the interstate compact without the need to obtain an OT license in all states (only your state of residency), decreasing the financial strain of paying for multiple state licenses
  • It will increase opportunities for practice in multiple states; specifically with telehealth service delivery and those individuals living on the border of state lines.

**Reach out to your senator by June 1, 2024to advocate for these bills to pass in 2024**

HB 4169 and HB 4170 - Interstate Compact

PASSED the House Health Policy Committee 10/5/23!

PASSED through the House on 4/30/24!!! 

Next Steps... submit the bills to the Senate...

OT testimony by Representative Rogers and Wozniak: at 1 hour 15 minutes to 1 hour and 19 minutes

MiOTA testimony by Dr. Denise Hoffman, MiOTA Advocacy Director: at 1 hour 19 minutes through 1 hour 24 minutes.


The following house representatives have already demonstrated their support for the bills so thank them for their support in your letter vs. asking for support.

HB 4169: Julie Rogers (district 41)- initial sponsor; HB 4170 Doug Wozniak (initial sponsor)
 Robert BezotteJoseph FoxVeronica PaizCarol Glanville, Jenn HillJennifer ConlinJason MorganJohn FitzgeraldFelicia BrabecSamantha SteckloffJohn RothJamie ThompsonCarrie RheingansRachel HoodJim HaadsmaPhil GreenAnn BollinKristian GrantPenelope TsernoglouErin ByrnesHelena ScottBetsy CoffiaTom KunseAlabas FarhatStephanie A. YoungMike McFallJimmie Wilson Jr.Pat OutmanAmos O'NealCynthia NeeleyLaurie PohutskyKaren WhitsettAbraham Aiyash

SAMPLE LETTER TEMPLATE (Customize as needed, write to your senator by June 1, 2024 to advocate for the Compact Bill  - your senator needs to hear from you).

 Link to look up your senator

My name is __________________, and I am an( OT/COTA/student) who is writing to request your support for HB 4169 and HB 4170, Interstate National Occupational Therapy Compact. Occupational therapy provides therapeutic services to help individuals achieve and manage every day activities including motor, sensory, and cognitive deficits across the life span due to conditions, illnesses, or injuries. There is a statewide and national shortage of occupational therapy services for consumers across the life span with higher shortages in our upper peninsula, along bordering state lines. and in rural areas. The compact would help bridge the gap to increase access to care and improve health and wellness for consumers, as well as allow practitioners who move into the state to begin practicing immediately while they are waiting for their new state license. HB 4169 and HB 4170 have been fully supported by the House Health Policy Committee, in October 2023 and has passed the House on April 30, 2024! I am requesting your support of the OT Compact to increase access to occupational therapy services for individuals across the life span to improve their safety and function with every day activities. For more information on the compact please contact me or refer to the OT Licensure Compact website: https://otcompact.org/about/

Kind Regards,

*Provide your name, place of employment/ school attending

 Your contact email 



Testimony by Representative Julie Rogers and Doug Wozniak

OT testimony by Representative Rogers and Wozniak: at 1 hour 15 minutes to 1 hour and 19 minutes

MiOTA testimony: at 1 hour 19 minutes through 1 hour 24 minutes.



The Compact HB 4169 and HB 4170 was introduced on 3/1/2023!

House Representative Julie Rogers introduced HB 4169 and Rep Doug Wozniak introduced HB 4170.

Thank your co-sponsors of HB 4169 and HB 4170!   

Joseph FoxJulie RogersRobert BezotteVeronica PaizCarol GlanvilleJenn HillJennifer ConlinJason MorganJohn Fitzgerald

Samantha SteckloffFelicia BrabecJohn RothJamie ThompsonCarrie RheingansRachel HoodJim HaadsmaPhil GreenAnn Bollin,

 Kristian GrantPenelope TsernoglouErin ByrnesHelena ScottBetsy CoffiaTom KunseStephanie YoungAlabas FarhatMike McFall

Jimmie Wilson Jr.Pat OutmanAmos O'NealCynthia NeeleyLaurie PohutskyKaren WhitsettAbraham Aiyash

Use the links below to track the progress of HB 4169 and HB 4170:

HB 4169

HB 4170

Compact Fact Sheet for Practitioners


The compact is an interstate policy and formal agreement among states who have passed legislative bills to accept the compact which allows for interstate practice of occupational therapy without the need of multiple licenses.


  • Once your state has signed the interstate compact bill into law, you can practice in states who have enacted the compact bill
  • The OT Compact Commission will convene in 2023 to establish the rules and regulations of the interstate compact
  • You can opt to maintain your individual state license or opt for a "multi state license" when you renew your state license after 2023


  • As of August 2022, 28 states have joined the national OT compact, and 8 states have pending legislation in 2024.
  • Current neighboring states Wisconsin and Ohio have passed legislation. Indiana has pending legislation.
  • Check out the OT Compact Map for the latest information on which states have enacted compact legislation. 
  • Compact privilege applications are expected to open in December  2024. 


                                                                                           MICHIGAN UPDATES

  • September 2022, legislation was submitted and was not voted in, however there was bipartisan support.
  • Representative Julie Rogers and Doug Wosniak resubmit the bills in early 2023.
  • Continued advocacy efforts with our state legislators and throughout the profession will continue throughout 2024 to increase bipartisan cosponsorship support of these bills.
  • The Michigan Physical Therapy Association has pending legislation on an interstate compact and has also passed through the House on April 30, 2024.
  • We need your voice... write to your representative, meet your representative and/or attend Lansing Lobby Day to advocate for the interstate compact in Michigan.

MiOTA's Advocacy Committee:
Denise Hoffman, Chair

Interested in learning more or volunteering?
Contact advocacy@miota.org

OT COMPACT WEBSITE: https://otcompact.org/about/

Additional Resources:
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AOTA–NBCOT® Joint Initiative: Developing the Occupational Therapy Licensure Compact

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