Michigan Occupational Therapy Association

Awards Ceremony

MiOTA Service Awards recognize members and others for their support of the association and profession of occupational therapy. Nomination applications for 2023 are now available.

The deadline for submission is September 15th, 2023

 The award ceremony will be held on Friday, October 6th, from 5:00-6:30pm at MiOTA's annual conference to acknowledge award recipients for their great contributions to our profession.

MiOTA Service Award Nomination Categories

Certificate of Appreciation

To express the appreciation of the MiOTA to members and non-members for extraordinary contributions to the advancement of OT. Their efforts could include but are not limited to financial contribution, political support, pioneer work, or outstanding leadership role.

OTR Award of Excellence
To honor members of MiOTA who have made an outstanding global contribution to the profession via encouraging the desire to contribute to the development and growth of the profession, focused public attention on the scope of OT, increased awareness of OT as a health provider and as a profession whose body of knowledge and skills are innovative in research and in implementation of new approaches to increasing quality of life. 

COTA Award of Excellence
Highest Association award for an OTA to honor members of MiOTA who have made an outstanding global contribution to the advancement of occupational therapy via exemplifying the highest level of technical skills and knowledge that benefit the profession of occupational therapy. Has served as a leader within the profession and the healthcare community and fostered the growth and development of the profession or MiOTA.

Roster of Fellows
To recognize members of the MiOTA who, with their knowledge and expertise, during their career have made a significant contribution to the continuing education and professional development of members via utilizing special skills and/or knowledge in therapeutic practice, education, research, and/or administration. Both scholarly contribution and organizational leadership will be considered. All awardees will be afforded the ability to add to their credential signature FMiOTA.

Distinguished Service Award 
To honor a member of MiOTA for extraordinary service to the MiOTA. The nominee has made continuing and outstanding contributions to the development, growth, and process of MiOTA.

Legislative Award     
To recognize a member of MiOTA for significant contribution in promoting OT in the political arena via assuming an active role in training and organizing occupational therapists to impact on federal or state regulations and/or policies, educating legislators of other key government officials about the purpose and function of OT, responding to requests for action from the legislative committee of the MiOTA, acting as an advocate for consumers of health care and educational services, or playing an active role in state activities related to state PACs.

Departmental Membership
To actively support MiOTA participation by recognizing occupational therapy departments in which 80% or more of the staff are members of MiOTA. The nominator shall provide a list of all department members and MiOTA number of those who are members of MiOTA.

Honorary Member Award 
To recognize MiOTA members who have, or are, retiring, and who have performed distinguished service in the field of occupational therapy.

Master Clinician Award
To recognize members of MiOTA, who with their knowledge and expertise, have made a significant contribution to occupational therapy through a combination of some of the following: supervision of students and staff; articles and presentations; workshops; mentoring; education; therapeutic work with clients and families.  This therapist stands head and shoulders above the crowd: a model for fellow therapists.