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WHAT IS THE COMPACT? The Occupational Therapy Licensure Compact (OT Compact) is an interstate compact, or a formal agreement among states, to facilitate interstate practice of occupational therapy.

WHY IS A COMPACT NEEDED? The compact will allow licensed OT’s and OTA’s to practice in all states that join the compact.
  • It will increase practice in bordering states and mobility of OT and OTA’s specifically to meet the shortages in the current workforce.
  • It will help areas with limited OT and OTA providers and support military spouse who frequently relocate.

HOW DOES THE COMPACT WORK? Now that 10 states have enacted authorization legislation, the Compact has taken effect. OT and OTA’s then can join the compact and work in those states only that are listed. On May 13th, 2022, South Carolina became the 20th state to enact the OT licensure compact.
MICHIGAN’S STANCE ON THE COMPACT? Michigan gathering information from OT and OTA’s, as well as other disciplines to identify the need and concerns regarding a compact in Michigan.

WHO HAS ENACTED COMPACT LEGISLATION (as of 9/26/2021)? Check out the OT Compact Map for the latest information on which states have enacted compact legislation. 

MiOTA's Advocacy Committee:
Denise Henderson
Susan Robosan-Burt, Workgroup Chair
Caitlin Cornish

Interested in learning more or volunteering?
Contact advocacy@miota.org

OT COMPACT WEBSITE: https://otcompact.org/about/

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